What is PAGE?
PAGE (Pattonville Association for Gifted Education) is agroup composed of parents of gifted children whoattend a Pattonville Gifted Program, as well asteachers and staff members who work in thePattonville Gifted Program. PAGE believes that parentsare their children's first teachers and that parentinvolvement is essential to a child's academic success.

PAGE's Mission:To provide resources to support the gifted program and to offer enrichment opportunities for ourstudents.

PAGE Enrichment Opportunities

PAGE Membership
To be a PAGE member you must have a child(ren) enrolled in the Pattonville Gifted Program.  Membership forms are located in the ALPHA office and online here. To make the most of our students' education, we urge each parent to get involved! The moreinvolved parents we have, the more opportunities we can collectively provide for ourstudents. Active members have been a valuable resource for starting and maintaining projectsand programs that benefit our children.

PAGE Membership Meetings
PAGE meetings are scheduled throughout the year. Meetings are held in the evenings at theALPHA Center and open to all PAGE members. While PAGE communicates with parents through Facebook, emails, and flyers, we believein-person participation at PAGE meetings is an invaluable way of gathering information.

Field Trips
Family Fun Nights
Community Service Projects
Ice Cream Social
Guest Speaker Appearances

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