High School Gifted
Education Program

Gifted Honors English

The Gifted Honors English program serves academically gifted students in grades nine through twelve. The class has a seminar format which allows students to participate actively in their learning. The teacher serves as a facilitator, using the Socratic method to elicit critical inquiry. Instruction is often individualized to accommodate various learning styles and interests and to incorporate a variety of primary sources and community resources. Twelfth grade meets as a class or independently. Twelfth grade curriculum includes both independent study and group activities.

Major curriculum areas for all levels of the high school program may include creative and expository writing, literature analysis, debate and mock trial activities, Future Problem Solving, independent research, and community action and service projects.

Many classroom activities are interdisciplinary and have a multicultural focus. All activities emphasize the high level cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. Activities allow students to extend their learning from the SIGMA and ALPHA Programs and to further develop their skills in critical thinking, creative problem solving, research, and oral and written communication. Students receive English credit.

Permission to enroll in and to continue in Gifted Honors English is based on student performance and teacher recommendation.


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